Trial Preparation and Assistance


While some investigators only specialize in certain aspects of criminal defense, Inter-Stateevidence Investigative Services has a wide spectrum of experience and is ready and able to assist defense counsel from the first inkling of their case through its ultimate conclusion. We are especially adept at assisting criminal defense teams in the preparation for trial. This can be particularly helpful if we investigated the crime scene and assisted with discovery and witness development. Whether you’ve had us as part of the defense team from the start of the case, or just want to bring us in to help with trial preparation, our excellent reputation for trial assistance and being an invaluable ally to defense attorneys in court is quite justified.


Even though a substantial number of criminal cases result in plea bargains before the start of a trial, our experience has entailed a philosophy that every criminal case investigation is conducted with the expectation that the case will be tried. This ensures that our work product is of the highest quality and developed to withstand rules of evidence and judicial scrutiny.

Whether the case at hand is a misdemeanor or multiple felony charge, assisting counsel in trial preparation can involve many roles, in all of which we can be a valuable team player. From the arraignment thru voir dire to witness prep and evidence analysis, there is an abundance of ways we can help. Whatever jurisdiction, whichever type of criminal case, we offer the most professional evidence collection, scene reconstruction, witness location and testimony, background checks, evidence review, and all other types of fact gathering necessary by attorneys preparing for trial. By preparing for trial with every investigative step we take, we have found that our clients have even stronger ground to stand on for plea-bargaining.


Whether it’s because of the proliferation of television shows like Law & Order or if our nation’s high school government classes have done an exemplar job of teaching, you’ll be hard pressed to find someone in America who doesn’t know an accused person must be found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. It’s one of the cornerstones of our democracy. And it’s what drives our approach to trial assistance and preparation. By constantly keeping in mind what evidence can potentially create reasonable doubt, we have found that defense counsel and defendants routinely appreciate our investigative efforts.

Every case is different but whether your case involves an intimidating volume of evidence or a mere sliver that everything rides on, we’ll get it prepared so you can make the best defense possible. We analyze every scrap of evidence with exacting focus and break down complicated data so a defense attorney can present it in a manner that makes sense and is relevant to the trier of fact.


Inter-State’s investigators diligently review every event connected to the crimes being charged. We apply forensic science methods, deductive and inductive reasoning, disciplined physical evidence evaluation, and how they’re all interrelated to Who, What, Where, When, Why and How events transpired. We are experts at establishing, in a manner that can be presented in court, and in a light most favorable to the defendant, what is the most likely way events occurred.

No matter the kind of facts you need gathered and prepared for the trier of fact, we can assist you. And in cases of surprise witnesses or newly discovered evidence, you’ll find our agility to investigate while under the proverbial gun is unparalleled. Giving the vast resources most prosecutors have, many a defense counsel has “thanked their lucky stars” they had us on their team while preparing for, and during, trial.

When you’re looking for an effective, efficient, and proactive partner in preparing for your next criminal defense trial, do yourself a favor and contact us. Either click the “Submit a Request” button at the top of the page, or call IISAZ now at (520) 882-2723 or (602) 358-7759.