Asset Investigations for Domestic Cases

Finding assets in connection with child support cases or divorce cases in Phoenix, Tucson, and across Arizona. 

We’ll find out what your spouse isn’t telling you.

Divorce can be characterized as an endless series of nasty surprises – Your spouse was 173298695cheating on you? Surprise! Your loving husband had a second family? Surprise! Your wife signed a lease and is moving out tomorrow? Surprise! You get the picture. But, not all surprises have to be bad. Many times, a spouse has been hiding assets from the other spouse, ferreting away money that should be equally accessible to both parties. That’s where Inter-State can help.

Finding hidden assets that were intended to stay hidden.

You know about the house, the cars, the IRA, and the savings account, but did you know your spouse has a series of LLCs meant to conceal and protect additional assets? It happens more frequently than you think. Most people assume that they know everything about their spouse, which makes it all too easy to exploit that trust. We use powerful tools like information brokers that give us an overview of an individual’s assets and liabilities. Then we use good old-fashioned research skills to confirm and identify new sources of income and assets that may have been concealed. We comb over recorded instruments, court cases, and assessor’s records to find what was meant to be hidden. Get a second opinion on your spouse’s financial standing. You might be glad you did.

The case of the vanishing assets.

Sometimes the assets of a spouse go missing under “mysterious” circumstances. What happened to the vacation home, the new truck, and the boat? Frequently, people facing the prospect of paying spousal maintenance or child support will transfer any visible assets to someone close to them – a new girlfriend, a sibling, a close friend – in order to enjoy the use of the asset while still appearing asset-poor.

We love finding evidence of fraudulent transfers. Through public records, we are often able to pinpoint specific dates when assets were transferred to someone else and map out a comprehensive timeframe, showing that the individual transferred the assets to avoid paying their fair share.

Working off the books?

Unfortunately, some of those amongst us detest paying child support or spousal maintenance so much that they will go to great lengths to appear poor. Frequently, this may involve misrepresenting their sources of income. When you suspect a spouse of doing odd jobs for cash, or working a second job without reporting the income, give us a call. We perform discrete surveillance and can capture the deed on unimpeachable video.

Give us a call – we’re here to help.

You might be intimidated to call a private investigator. Don’t be. We have a friendly staff that has dealt with every issue under the sun. Don’t be embarrassed, we’ve seen every problem there is. Consultations are free, so give us a call now at (520) 882-2723 or (602) 358-7759.