Civil Cases


Civil case investigations require an especially meticulous and industrious approach. Leaving no proverbial stone unturned is ONE WAY to do it. Leaving no stone unturned, while also working within a tight time-frame, on a strict budget, and in a manner that is both professionally disciplined as to excel in the light of litigation as well as creatively inspired to reveal the most relevant facts, well, that’s OUR WAY.

Every civil case, no matter the size, is efficiently and effectively investigated utilizing an approach that has been perfected over the course of our twenty-five-plus years as the premier investigative agency in Arizona. As the most experienced private investigators, it is our established practice to provide every client with a detailed report, expertly written and prepared to excel during discovery and shine under the strictest courtroom disclosure.

Here is a list of the most commonly requested investigative services that we provide (click any of the links for a concise overview of our approach to each service):

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