Special Assistance in Mexico


Tucson, Arizona is located approximately 60 miles north of the Mexican border in Nogales, Arizona. As such, many of our clients come to us with assignments that require us to seek out information in Mexico. We have found that in certain situations we are able to access information throughout Mexico which has at times been invaluable to our clients.

During our more than 25 years in business, Inter-State Investigative Services has developed many relationships with others who work in the industry across the globe. We have contacts with investigators who can assist us with all types of investigations in Mexico, including but not limited to the following:


Our liaisons have been able to consult with Law Enforcement, Legal experts, and other local contacts in Mexico to obtain all available information. Though this process can sometimes take days or weeks, we have proven time and time again that it is not impossible.

Has someone you know gone missing in Mexico? Worried that local Mexican Law Enforcement is not taking your case as seriously as you do? Unlike law enforcement, which may not have the resources needed to properly handle your concerns, Inter-State Investigative Services is able and ready to help.


Has the subject of your investigative needs spent a lot of time in Mexico? Are they there currently? Do you need to know what type of person they are? What kind of trouble they may have been involved in? Have they absconded from the United States to Mexico? Inter-State Investigative Services has the ability in some instances to obtain the information critical to your situation.

Our contacts in Mexico can in some instances work with law enforcement and federal officials to obtain information frequently unavailable to those who reside in the United States.


Experience has shown us that it is fairly common for vehicles that have been sold at auction after an accident to be exported to Mexico. Sometimes for resale, others to be crushed for salvage. Whatever the case may be, call us quickly so that we can get to work locating the vehicle you seek before any evidence is lost.

In certain circumstances we have been able to locate vehicles that were exported to Mexico. We have also been successful in transporting vehicles through the port of entry back the United States.

Was the vehicle you seek exported to Mexico? Was the vehicle involved in an accident and do you need it to be inspected professionally? Do you need to obtain information from the vehicle’s “black box” to determine causation factors in your accident case? Inter-State Investigative Services is ready and equipped to help locate the vehicle you seek.

If you find that you have investigative needs in Mexico, please contact us and we will set up a free consultation to see if we can help. Spanish speakers are available. Se Habla Espanol. Call IISAZ Toll-Free now at 1-800-729-0311.

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