Client Testimonials

Private Investigation Client Testimonials

Criminal Cases

  • “I want to thank each and everyone of you for your professionalism, the hard work and the best possible outcome that resulted. One can not imagine the possibility of life in prison for something I didn’t do. It has been a long hard road for all involved and we have just started to try to get our lives back to normal. Thank you so much once again. May God bless all of you. We will be forever grateful.” -TA
  • “Your professionalism sets you apart, time and time again.” -GS
  • “Good afternoon. I just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for all your work on this shooting case. It paid off last week and when we got a defense verdict after a six-day trial. Your office did a bunch of work on the file, and it really helped.” DG
  • “Thank you for locating me and letting me know about the additional long lost family that I had no clue about. This was the best news I have had. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.” SS
  • “Thank you for all the hard work that you have done. We know absolutely that we would not be where we are today without your efforts. We are extremely grateful. Thank you for being a bull dog on this case, your personal attention has meant everything to us.” – CH
  • “I have used Randy and his team on several cases over the years and I have had the results of his investigations to try and refute. Randy and his team do excellent work and Randy provides exceptional counsel and works well with clients. He can be trusted completely and has great integrity.” – BB
  • “We have another arrow in our quiver apart from the neat stuff you found on the informant. I passed them both on to our prosecutor…who quickly called me back and we now have a probation available, class 6 misdemeanor plea that the client will take. We started with a 7-21 mandatory prison sentence. Thank you!” WN
  • “Because of the excellent work done by your office we just received the government motion to dismiss the indictment.” – SR
  • “I could never thank you enough for the fantastic job you and your office did on my behalf…..You guys literally saved my life and I’ll never forget it.” – AL
  • “I can never thank you or your office enough for finding and securing the witnesses and statements that convinced twelve jurors to find” my client “not guilty.” -DB
  • “The judge pointed out that the major factor in my sentencing simply came down to the hard work of my lawyer and the investigator who was working on my case.” – AM
  • “This was a once in a lifetime experience for me and I’m proud to have worked with people committed to saving a man’s life through hard work.” – RL
  • “The information you developed resulted in a dismissal of all charges against my client. He will soon be released from the Pima County Jail.” – DB
  • “Your office showed initiative, dedication and commitment that went well above and beyond the call of duty.” – SM

Civil Cases

  • “I think you really made a big difference for me on this situation and I really appreciate what you did for me.” – RY
  • “Thank you for your help on my employee background check. Your input and help are always appreciated.” – TC
  • “You are my investigator of choice, based on your consistently fine, thorough and prompt work.” – JL
  • “We called to give you great news and pass along our gratitude. We WON our case on Tuesday and our foster child will remain in our custody.” GREAT JOB – PD & LD
  • “You were the epitome of professionalism during your entire work on this case.” – BK
  • “Your investigation was instrumental to us making a better business decision.” – SC
  • “The results of your investigation completely eviscerated the plaintiff’s case, and resulted in a very cheap settlement.” – PK
  • “Thank you for all the assistance that you have given me in the past in all of the cases which I have called upon you for help. I am very happy that I was introduced to you and want you to know that I appreciate all your efforts and the quality of your work.” – MR
  • “Our sincere gratitude and thanks for all the hard work, research and words of encouragement.” – RC
  • “Your offices investigative skills and their ability to thoroughly interview various witnesses led to our success at trial.” – LP
  • “Your efforts will undoubtedly benefit investigators, attorneys, clients and the general public.” – KM