Client Testimonials

Thank you for your quick response and excellent work, as always. I always know my clients are in good hands with you.


I want to express on behalf of Ralph and me how delighted we are with what you did in this case and have done in so many others. To get these cases dismissed prior to an arrest is so critically important to the client as he/she tries to get on with his/her/their life. Your hard work and dedication to the clients makes you more valuable to their cases than anything an attorney can do at this stage. You are all, each and collectively, invaluable assets to the criminal justice process and I hope to see you appropriately recognized as such. Again, our heartfelt thanks.


Randy, thank you to you and your team for working hard on this. I know some cases are easier than others and this might be on the difficult side. So, I want you and your team to know how much I appreciate everything.


Randy…………. Sometimes I look back at my life and think of the people who have truly helped me or a family member. You are always at the top. I have referred others to you, and I tell the story of how you were able to call a hospital in Texas and determine that a sonogram was a fake.


Thanks Randy. Your help is greatly appreciated…………..Great work!


Dear Randy, Thanks so much for your help and Lacee’s help in getting this complaint served. As you have always done in the past and your folks do great work. Thank you for the good job and I appreciate the great price.


Thanks again for your diligence and assistance. I sleep better knowing that your number is in my contacts list.


We won! The State Liquor Board just voted 4-0 to deny ………………liquor license application. Please tell Manny, Randy & others who helped us with the case.


Thanks!!! This may sound unlawyerly but you guys rock!


Randy, thank you very much for your help on this one. Great work as always.


Thank you for your help! Great group of people. Please feel free to use me as a reference if you feel it would be beneficial.


Thanks to all of you for your great work. The dream team has nothing on this group. Well done!


I want to thank you for your work on my behalf. These letters and everything you’ve done is a great comfort to me in what has been a dark time thus far.


Thank you, Randy, for yours and your team’s help in getting these girls safe!!


Randy, to say you are a good man is an understatement.


Randy is just one of those people that doesn’t talk a big helping out other people game. He just does it.


Thank you and your crew for the awesome job you always do.


Thank you for all you’ve done to help our case!! We appreciate it!


You did a great job and thanks for your help.