Missing Heir Locations & Adoption Investigations


Last will and testament document

At Inter-State Investigative Services, we pride ourselves on locating people, especially when the person being sought is a missing heir. Missing heirs are sought for a variety of reasons. Some clients need to locate a missing heir for the distribution of unclaimed assets. Others need to establish ownership of a property right or to quiet title to real property. Many others are looking for a missing heir in connection with the settlement of an estate and/or trust.

Whether you need to locate a missing heir for any of the above reasons, or for any other reason, including simply wanting to find a lost member of your family’s bloodline, we are Arizona’s most effective private investigators when it comes to locating missing heirs. Our approach entails finding as much information as possible about the missing heir.

By using a combination of administrative records, agency contacts, the traditional pounding of the pavement, telephone records searches, computer database accessing, and other proprietary techniques, we are confident our investigators can locate your missing heir.


We are also a trusted source for providing proof of compliance with the due diligence requirements demanded by courts and/or trustees. Our office has an established track record of providing the thorough due diligence necessary to meet this standard of proof. Every effort is made and is documented in a manner sufficient to meet the requirements of any court to locate missing heirs.

Just because we are considered the best in Arizona, doesn’t mean our abilities to locate missing heirs is limited to the geographical confines of this state. Our reach is far and wide and we have successfully located missing heirs throughout the country and the world.

We are confident that our professional, experienced, and discrete investigators can help locate your missing heir or establish a record of due diligence in a search for a missing heir. Whatever your need is regarding a missing heir, submit a request now, or call IISAZ at (520) 882-2723 or (602) 358-7759.