Scene Reconstruction and Recreation



Reconstructing the scene of an injurious event, and recreating the series of steps that led up to it, are essential in many civil cases. They’re vital in almost every tort case. When scene reconstruction is professionally handled, the trier of fact is able to better determine what actually happened. Inter-State Investigative Services has earned a superior name in Arizona for its objective, reliable, and state of the art scene reconstruction and incident recreation.

With objectivity, open minds, and strict attention to detail, our investigators meticulously evaluate the context of every scene and the physical evidence found there in a determined effort to clearly identify what happened and in what order events played out. Applying forensic science methods, deductive and inductive reasoning, disciplined physical evidence evaluation, and how they’re all interrelated, we’re able to assist our clients in establishing, in a manner that can be presented in court, what is the most likely way an event occurred.


We take a holistic approach, examining every piece of evidence that comes to light, and considering its significance in relation to all the other pieces. When pieces are missing, we utilize our twenty years of experience, vast tools, strong teamwork, and expertise to fill in the blanks and create the overall picture. Then, we consider how our opposing side would attempt to critically attack all of our premises and deductions in our reconstruction of the event. By painstakingly addressing every single angle and possible flaw in our recreation of the sequence to, and reconstruction of, the injurious event, we are able to see and evaluate the entire picture with an open mind that bases all conclusions on facts, not conjecture or wishful thinking.

Typical pieces that we focus on to help form the reconstruction include damaged property, skid marks, glass and metal fragments, eyewitness testimony, law enforcement reports, any recordings of the event (to include inadvertent video documentation), blood traces, and any other objects that can be analyzed. Our approach reviews the connections between evidence, the sequence of events, and the identity and backgrounds of anyone involved. By approaching scenes and events this way we have been able to establish ourselves as a trusted, reliable source for expert scene reconstruction and recreation in Arizona.

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