Witness Location, Development and Interviews


Witness testimony can make or break a civil case and the importance of that testimony cannot be overstated.  Witnesses are the lifeblood of many civil cases. Often, civil litigation occurs years after an event has occurred and in that time, witnesses have moved, gone through life changes, or seemingly just dropped off the face of the earth. That’s where we come in. We will help you find them, interview them, and prepare them to give their testimony in court.

While we are the preeminent private investigators in Arizona, we also consistently locate witnesses around the country and throughout the world. This includes finding witnesses who seem to have completely fallen “off the radar” of life. Our team of experts utilizes both traditional, tried-and-true pounding the pavement and telephonic investigative techniques, and state of the art digital tracing and specialized database scouring, to help establish the timeline and trail to individuals, whether they want to be found or not.


Our office has proven it’s global reach time and again. The digital age has brought investigators impressive technology. A person’s everyday activity creates both a physical and a digital “footprint” which they cannot control or avoid (no matter how hard some try). We approach any locality and comb it like it’s our backyard. And we have access to specialized Internet databases unavailable to the general public, which allow us to track and verify an individual’s location, practically in real time. Geographical borders become merely lines on a map when it comes to where our reach extends.

We pride ourselves on developing the most recent and accurate contact information for individuals, including landline and mobile phone numbers, social media accounts, and very often email addresses. Additionally, we excel at “old school” contact information gathering, including property addresses, military posts, places of employment, and interviews with friends, neighbors, and simply the right people in the right place who saw that special someone.


Developing witnesses not previously known is an equally important task.  Understanding the specific facts of the case often leads us to creative thoughts as to who else may be a witness and how to find them.  Developing additional witnesses is often overlooked and under-appreciated by other investigators in Arizona, but we thrive on it.  Additional witnesses can verify or contradict what others have said, can provide a different perspective of an event, and can be a key ingredient in determining the outcome of a case, all while being someone the client was unaware of when they brought us the case.


Contingent with our over 25 years as a licensed, bonded and insured investigative agency in Arizona, comes the ability to quickly determine how much relevant information a credible witness knows about a particular case, how that information is useful to the case at hand, and how to capture that testimony in a way that is most effective for our client. We know all too well that the job isn’t done simply upon finding a witness. Cultivating every possible reliable witness, preserving all accurate observations, applying the utmost professionalism to all of the fact finding in a civil case, and making sure everything is effectively communicated with the client are all part of our approach.


At Inter-State Investigative Services, we have conducted tens of thousands of witness interviews for civil litigation and insurance purposes.  We know how to compel unwilling witnesses to share what they know about a case, what questions to ask, when to ask them, and how to ask them.  We also know what NOT to ask. We have the knowledge and ability to know when and how to obtain a recorded statement, either telephonically or in person.

We are constantly developing new techniques for extracting information needed from a witness.  Often witnesses do not even realize how much information they can provide or how important that information is.  But we do. Our well-trained investigators understand what is relevant to the civil cases they are working on. Our overall experience, in Arizona and throughout the country, has helped us develop a team that simply knows the best ways to find witnesses, get reliable information from them, and keep that information safe for our clients.

To find a witness, get witness testimony, or for any other investigative needs with your civil case, submit a request now or call IISAZ at (520) 882-2723 or (602) 358-7759. We’re ready to help.