Arizona Private Investigator: Defense Theory Development



As part of our role assisting an attorney in establishing the case for their client, Inter-State Investigative Services excels in defense theory development. Having more than thirty years of experience in criminal defense makes this one of our fortes. No matter the jurisdiction, we have an intense ability to understand the big picture of a case, where the particular admissible facts fall within the scope of pertinent law, and how it all will weave together before the trier-of-fact.


Developing a winning defense theory requires anticipating what the prosecution will present – both witnesses and evidence. Often, investigating Law Enforcement officers are the only witnesses the state plans to call. On occasion, however, there are material witnesses whose interviews are required. No matter whom the Prosecutor plans on calling, you can trust Inter-State will help make sure your defense team is ready. From background checks to interviews and forensic analysis, we seek to provide a complete picture of what counsel should expect from every witness and piece of evidence the prosecution will attempt to present in court.

Inter-State Investigative Services also wears a hat of objectivity while helping to create a winning defense theory. By doing this, we can more accurately assess issues like the reliability of identification; the ability to see pertinent events occurring; and any bias, motive, or prejudice that a witness may have. By maintaining objectivity throughout the evaluation and analysis of all evidence and every witness, we can more clearly see the gaps in the prosecution’s case to better prepare counsel to enable a jury to hear the entire version of what occurred.


No matter the type of criminal case you’re defending, we are the wisest choice for any investigative needs. With 2+ years of assisting defense attorneys in Arizona and beyond, our experience is only surpassed by our reliable and innovative approach to creating the smartest defense theory.

We take each criminal defense case personally. To obtain our help with your criminal case, click on the “Submit a Request” button at the top of the page, or call IISAZ now at (520) 882-2723 or (602) 358-7759.