Inter-State Investigative Services excels at helping defense counsel with selecting the bestwitness jury possible. We provide the means for attorneys to understand each potential juror’s mindset and biases. To do this effectively, we examine a wide range of factors. Based on the juror’s background, experiences, and opinions, we try to help counsel understand how each juror views the world, and how he or she will view the evidence, arguments, and issues in the case.

We are seasoned at developing background and demographic information but believe that is only the first step in understanding a juror’s mindset. Especially in light of recent legislation eliminating peremptory challenges in jury trials.

Effective January 1, 2022, Arizona became the first state to eliminate peremptory challenges during the jury selection process, making early detection of any potential biases among prospective jurors more crucial than ever. Prior to this new law, Attorneys had a set number of times they could dismiss potential jurors without having to indicate any specific reason. Now, Attorneys can only ask a judge to remove a prospective juror for cause – that is, if the juror is unable to be impartial.

Therefore, we are also available to run background checks, to include social media investigations, on potential jurors to help develop questions to ask during voir dire in order to ferret out any prejudices and/or biases. One of the most common reasons to eliminate a juror for cause includes personal experiences that might affect that juror’s ability to judge a case. Thus, our background checks often uncover proper reasons to challenge a juror, should counsel wish to do so.

Because attorneys in Arizona must now point to a specific reason for every juror they wish to challenge, information gathered during our investigation can be critical to successfully eliminating unfavorable jurors and selecting the jury that is most sympathetic to your case.


As uncommon as they are, rogue jurors nonetheless pose a real problem for the veracity of the jury system. Inter-State is proud to help defense attorneys weed out any rogue juror who is trying to tip the scales of justice. This is especially important in southern Arizona where the influence of Mexican cartels is especially pronounced and pernicious. We are ever vigilant against juror misconduct and available to assist defense teams who have any concerns about a potential or current jury.


The prohibition against blogging or posting information about a case is an important one, and something we can help enforce. By monitoring social media and the overall digital landscape, we can help defense attorneys and the court ensure the jurors in their case are not violating court rules against communications. There are additional ways Inter-State Investigative Services can help defense attorneys with the best jury selection and maintenance. Please click on the “Submit a Request” button at the top of the page, or call IISAZ now at (520) 882-2723 or (602) 358-7759 to find out how.