Witness Nullification | Criminal Defense Investigations

“He lies like an eyewitness!”1-hand-on-bible

–Russian Proverb

While locating and interviewing witnesses to assist in criminal defense can be of vital importance, invalidating a witness for the prosecution can have an equally powerful effect.  Nullifying a witness can castrate the state’s case and Inter-State Investigative Services is proud to offer this powerful resource.


Getting to the truth of a case can be a real challenge, especially when the court is relying on circumstantial evidence established through the testimony from witnesses. Inter-State Investigative Services is renowned for its ability to conduct thorough background investigation on witnesses. These investigations can sometimes quickly reveal if witnesses have a criminal history involving crimes of moral turpitude, such as false reporting to law enforcement, where their integrity is brought into questionable light.

A detailed review of disclosure can often point to evidence that is contrary to what the witness states, and can lead to development of reasonable doubt.  Often, scene investigation can reveal facts and evidence not previously identified which can contradict witness statements as well as bringing the effectiveness of law enforcement’s investigation into question. Our team of investigators are driven to finding the cold hard facts that shed the light of truth on adverse witnesses, voiding their effectiveness and, for legal purposes, preventing them from providing false testimony!


Inter-State Investigative Service’s team of private investigators thrives on testing the integrity of witness statements to determine if they, in fact, hold water.  If there is a leak, we will find it.  We have worked innumerable cases in which witness nullification has led to freedom for a wrongly accused defendant. It’s just one reason Arizona defense attorneys seek us out.

If you’re in need of criminal defense investigators who aren’t intimidated by the state and are willing to go the extra mile to nullify witnesses who lack veracity, or for any other investigative needs with witnesses, click on the “Submit a Request” button at the top of the page, or call IISAZ now at (520) 882-2723 or (602) 358-7759. We look forward to helping you bring justice to light.