Child Custody Investigations

Inter-State’s Tucson-based private investigators can help with your child custody case.holding hands

Child custody disputes are unfortunately commonplace aspects of domestic life. Invariably, such disputes are contentious and unpleasant. Though the parties may otherwise be calm, rational, and civil in their daily lives, maintaining even the slightest modicum of civility in the face of a child custody dispute is next to impossible. Fortunately, we can help.

For couples facing child custody disputes in Tucson, a private investigator can serve as an invaluable third-party intermediary. Our team of private investigators has taken on this role countless times, and we have the discretion, compassion, and knowledge to ensure that child custody matters are resolved quickly and with relatively minimal drama.

How can a private investigator assist in child custody disputes?

The term “child custody dispute” is an imprecise term that can describe a variety of circumstances, including divorce proceeding wherein the custody of children is in dispute, an informal arrangement between two parents that has gone awry, or a pre-existing court-ordered custody determination that is being disputed. We can help at each step of the way. 

During a divorce proceeding involving children, the court may put into place a temporary child custody agreement that dictates not only the physical custody of the children, but may also place limits on the adults’ behavior. Frequently, these restrictions may limit a parent’s intake of alcohol or forbid a parent from visiting certain places. If you suspect that these terms are being violated in your own case, discrete surveillance may confirm these suspicions.

During our more than twenty-five years of handling these cases, we have obtained unassailable videographic evidence of parents violating a court’s custody order. Surveillance can be absolutely critical to proving any assertion that a custody order is being violated. We offer professional surveillance services tailored specifically to obtain the footage you need, while not excessively running up a bill. Call us to learn more.

Another important function a private investigator plays in custody disputes is that of third-party observer. Even when a custody agreement is being followed, the exchange of custody can present a new set of challenges. Frequently, clients ask us to attend pick-up/drop-off locations to act as an observer. We are able to film these events, and ensure that the exchange is made safely and pursuant to any agreement.

Even if you have had a child custody agreement in place for years, our services may be of use. If you suspect that a parent is engaging in behavior that is verboten while he/she has custody of the children, we can help. Our surveillance services are discrete and professional and we have a high success rate in obtaining footage of our subjects.

How else can a private investigator help me?

In addition to our surveillance services, we offer a full suite of investigative services. In the child custody context, this could include background checks on the other parent (in the event they may be concealing recent criminal convictions) or on a parent’s new spouse or significant other.

We can also assist in determining an individual’s assets in cases where one parent is failing to pay child support. People frequently attempt to hide significant assets by transferring ownership to a family member in an effort to avoid paying spousal maintenance or child support. We know the telltale signs of improper transfer and we know where to find hidden assets.

If you are experiencing a child custody dispute in Tucson, please give our team of highly trained private investigators a call at (520) 882-2723 or (602) 358-7759.