Flagstaff Private Investigator

Tucson and Phoenix’s most experienced private investigators, now offering services in Flagstaff!arizona gavel

Allow us to introduce ourselves. We’re Inter-State Investigative Services, a full-service private investigative firm founded in 1994. We are a team of ten investigators with a range of background and experiences.  Over the years, we’ve handled almost every type of case, including civil work, criminal investigations, insurance cases, domestic disputes, and more. We primarily work for attorneys, but take cases from the public as well. Our work ranges from simple skip tracing to death penalty defense work.

During our more than twenty-five years in business, we’ve been based in Tucson, Arizona. As the growth of our business has increased over the years, we’ve acquired the additional personnel and resources to perform high-quality investigations across the state (and occasionally across the country).

If you’re based in Tucson and Phoenix, how can you perform investigations in Flagstaff?

The vast majority of our work (even the work performed here in Tucson) can be performed remotely. We can locate individuals, acquire police and court records, conduct interviews, and perform asset/background investigations from our office.  By way of example, much of our work is conducted on behalf of insurance companies seeking to interview car accident witnesses. Accidents that occur on highways and interstates naturally involve witnesses from across the state and across the county. Every day we are able to locate and successfully interview these witnesses telephonically without leaving Tucson. When we do perform fieldwork, we do so efficiently, making trips at times that are likely to yield results and performing multiple tasks in one trip, thereby saving the client money.

Our work frequently brings us to Phoenix and Flagstaff. Therefore, if your case requires in-person discussion or fieldwork, we can achieve an effective and efficient plan for travel. Give us a call to discuss our options further.

Why should I use your services?

Our more than twenty-five years in business is a testament to the level of care and attention we give every case. We’ve worked with some of the state’s brightest attorneys on their toughest cases. We value the credibility of our name and strive to provide the best work product possible. If you’re 100% satisfied with the work your current investigator produces, by all means, stay with them. But, if you’re wondering whether there is a better agency out there, give us a call at (520) 882-2723 or (602) 358-7759. Consultations are free.