Arizona Infidelity Investigations

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Though it is not often discussed in polite company, infidelity is an unfortunately commonplace occurrence and affects many of us. As private investigators, we deal with infidelity cases frequently. We know just how emotionally devastating these cases can be to the parties involved so we act with the necessary discretion, sensitivity, and care.

Though you may be embarrassed to call a private investigator about your cheating spouse or significant other – don’t be. We handle these cases all the time and ensure confidentiality and professionalism. You would be surprised how many of your neighbors, co-workers, and friends have gone through the same thing. Though you may feel hesitant about getting a private investigator involved, there are many benefits to doing so.

If you are considering filing for divorce, or are seeking a formal custody arrangement, capturing evidence of a cheating spouse on video can greatly assist in any court proceeding. Without such evidence, any case quickly devolves into a he-said-she-said affair, devoid of civility and objectivity.

In many instances of infidelity, divorce is not the desired outcome. In cases where the remedy you seek may not involve the courts, we can also help. Footage or proof of infidelity can be used to confront a cheater, and provide them with the impetus to change their behavior. We have performed work on cases that have successfully used such intervention tactics.

If you believe your spouse may be cheating on you, don’t be too embarrassed to call us. We can assure you we’ve heard it all before. Inter-State Investigative Services has been helping individuals and families affected by infidelity since 1994. Call Tucson and Phoenix’s top private investigators today. Call IISAZ now at (520) 882-2723 or (602) 358-7759.