Tucson Employee Background Checks



While pre-employment investigations involve some of the same research as a background check, it goes beyond it by verifying and evaluating an applicant’s truthfulness in their applications and their job-related qualifications, as well as identifying potential hiring risks. It’s our goal to help employers make the best possible, enlightened hiring decisions with a complete, big-picture view of the applicant’s past.


Workplace safety and making sure applicants are who they say they are, and have accomplished what their applications say they have, are obvious reasons why companies utilize Inter-State Investigative Services for our pre-employment investigations.

But there are other important reasons, too. There’s the increased morale that comes with smart hiring decisions. Another is saving company resources by not repeatedly going through the hiring process. Longer employee retention is yet another benefit. And reducing potential liability from actions by an employee is still another very important reason to use Inter-State Investigative Services for your pre-employment investigations in Arizona.

Some companies are required by law to undertake pre-employment investigations. If your business is in the financial, educational, transportation, health care or law enforcement industries, there are state and federal regulations, which dictate certain types of pre-employment investigations. We routinely handle these kinds of situations.


With high unemployment in many industries, there are, unfortunately, increased occurrences of job applicants inflating and/or completely inventing employment history and qualifications makes pre-employment investigations even more of a necessity. Difficult economic conditions can bring out the worst in people. But Inter-State Investigative Services pre-employment investigations can help give employers a better indication as to what a potential employee’s future behavior will likely be.

According to ADP’s 2010 Screening and Selection Index, nearly 10% of all screened records of job applicants contain at least one error – and in some industries, 9% of all records screened indicate applicants have a criminal background


The types of pre-employment investigations we utilize are as varied as the types of jobs there are. Different employers have different needs and safeguards to be met. Nonetheless, for the edification of our potential new clients, here are some of the types of information we examine, analyze and verify:

  • Professional References
  • Educational Credentials
  • Employment History & Past Performance
  • Professional License or Certification
  • Criminal Background
  • Civil Litigation Background
  • Bankruptcy History
  • Motor Vehicle Record (including commercial drivers licenses)
  • Social Security Verification
  • Worker’s Compensation Claim History
  • Sex Offender Registry Screening


Our job is to make sure the people you hire are who they say they are. Your company has enough to focus on without having to worry about properly screening potential employees. Plus, the liability and costs are simply too great if you don’t. Let Arizona’s best private investigators put their 20 years of experience to work for you. If you are in need of pre-employment investigations, don’t hesitate to contact us by clicking on the “Submit a Case” button at the top of the page, or by calling 800.729.0311 now.