Witness Nullification


As stated on our Witness Location, Development and Interviews” page, witness testimony witnesscan make or break a civil case and the importance of that testimony cannot be overstated.  While witnesses can be the lifeblood of a civil case, the corollary is true as well. In other words, nullifying a witness adverse to your case can have a powerful effect.

Witness nullification is an important resource for civil litigators and a service that Inter-State Investigative Services is proud to offer. While the typical action to a witness that will testify to something that is harmful to your case is to find another witness who will say something to the contrary, nullifying the adverse witness is often much more effective.


Is your adversary’s witness testimony reliable?  Or better yet, can their testimony be trusted?  These are vital questions to have answered. A thorough background investigation into the witness will quickly tell you if they have a criminal history involving crimes of moral turpitude, such as false reporting to law enforcement, where their integrity is brought into questionable light.

A review of disclosure can often point to evidence that is contrary to what the witness states, and can lead to development of reasonable doubt.  Often, scene investigation can reveal facts and evidence not previously identified which can contradict witness statements as well as bringing the effectiveness of law enforcement’s investigation into question. Our team excels at finding facts that shed the light of truth on adverse witnesses.


Inter-State Investigative Service’s team of private investigators thrives on testing the integrity of witness statements to determine if they hold water.  If there is a leak, we will find it.  We have worked innumerable cases in which witness nullification has led to reduced liability, stipulated settlements and outright dismissal of claims. It’s all part of how we help our clients build their cases.

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