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Cost-Effective Surveillance With Maximum Results

At Inter-State Investigative services, we always work within the parameters of our given surveillance-picbudget. We always strive to maximize our clients’ dollars and we use the most cost-effective and efficient investigative techniques when working on a case.

Nowhere is our cost-saving philosophy more apparent than in cases involving surveillance. Many people assume surveillance is prohibitively expensive. This misconception is due to the fact that people have the idea that surveillance will involve an all-day “stakeout.” While some investigators conduct surveillance in this manner,  there is a better, more efficient approach to surveillance.

At Inter-State, we maximize our efficiency by carefully choosing times to conduct surveillance that will likely bear fruit. For instance, we may conduct surveillance outside an individual’s work right around 5 pm – a time you’re likely to see them leave work. Or, we may conduct surveillance on an individual on Sunday morning – a time they’re likely to be home. These straightforward techniques lead to big savings for our clients. We will never attempt to conduct surveillance at a time that is not likely to succeed.

Too often, we’ve seen investigators who act without efficiency in mind. We’ve seen process servers attempt to serve a defendant at home, on a weekday, during the middle of the day. This just does not make sense and is not likely to lead to an efficient and effective result for the client. At Inter-State, we treat our clients’ money as we’d treat our own. We strive for value.

We apply this money-saving philosophy to everything we do, including background checks, pre-employment screening, locating lost relatives, etc. Our primary goal is to achieve a great result for our clients at a fair price. If you’re ready to work with the most efficient private investigators in Southern Arizona, call (800) 729-0311 today.