Preventing Employee Malfeasance – And The Liability That Comes With It

Should I Be Doing Pre-Employment Background Checks In Arizona? 

Everyone has heard that old adage:  “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”  It’s funny how true these old truisms really can be.  And nowhere does this wise old saying apply more directly than when it comes to pre-employment background checks.

Just take a look at the news; employees all over the country are getting arrested for crimes on a daily basis.  Of course, these include property crimes:  theft, burglary, embezzlement.

But they also include violent crimes as well:  assault, battery, even rape and murder.

Meaningful and thorough background checks can help employers avoid this nightmare by identifying the bad apples before they make their way into your company’s barrel.  And this is not just about preventing harm to your clients, guests, customers, or residents.  It is also about reducing, minimizing, or even eliminating your own liability and the attendant expenses of litigation.

And make no mistake:  If your employee commits a crime while at work, or even after work using information or access that he or she obtained from the job, you and your company are on the hook as well.  You could be named as the “deep pocket” defendant in civil litigation seeking astronomical money damages.  Or depending on the circumstances, you could even be looking at criminal charges, for example, if the employee involved holds a position of independent authority within your company.

“Meaningful and thorough background checks identify the bad apples before they make their way into your company’s barrel.” 

Ask anyone who has been there, fighting for your financial survival in the face of one rogue employee’s betrayal is one of the worst things any business owner can go through.

This is why thorough, complete and accurate background checks are so essential.  And if you are trying to cut corners on this, or if you are using an investigator who is just going through the motions, this is arguably worse than getting no background check at all — because now you are paying for a false sense of security.

Getting your pre-employment screenings done by someone you can trust is one ounce of prevention you simply cannot afford to be without.  In fact, in today’s world of multi-million-dollar damage awards, the old saying may now need a modern makeover.  Today, a single ounce of prevention just might be worth a thousand pounds of cure!

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