Private Investigation Testing Law Enforcement Investigation in Arizona

At Inter-State Investigative Services (IIS) we have the privilege of working alongside the Arizona Justice Project,, an organization that, in part, examines claims of innocence and offers legal representation to inmates believed to have been failed by the legal system.  This organization is similar to The Innocence Project,, and work with these organizations is certain to be mentioned in future postings.

Recently, two individuals wrongfully convicted have been released in no small part due to the information brought to light through diligent investigation, which brings me to my point.  One aspect of our purpose in criminal defense investigation is to test the Government’s case and the law enforcement investigation itself to determine if the case holds water.

Time and time again I review disclosure and find inconsistencies in police reports, witness interviews and factual evidence where little or no follow-up investigation was carried out.  For some reason, law enforcement agencies seem to be unwilling (or unable) to take the next step in their own investigation to ensure that all reasonable bases have been covered and all reasonable questions have been answered.  At IIS, we see it as our duty to work a case, to investigate, beyond any reasonable doubt and further.

We do not control the facts of a case.  However, we do control the dedicated, zealous effort we apply to our investigations to ensure that everything that we can do to conduct a thorough, accurate investigation is accomplished.  We take the extra step and go the extra mile, often at our own expense, simply to ensure that our investigation passes the toughest test of scrutiny, our own.  That type of attitude allows us to sleep at night.