Things to Consider When Hiring a Process Server


About Hiring a Process Server in Arizona

Chances are you’ve never had occasion to consider the factors to look for when hiring a process server – understandably, most people rarely need to serve a lawsuit on another party. Even if you hire a process server only once, it’s important to choose the right person for your needs. Consider the following tips when hiring a server. It could mean the difference between efficient service of process and a frustrating game of hide-and-seek.

Consider The Difficulty Of A Party Being Served

This may seems obvious, but some people are harder to serve than others. However, don’t dismiss this factor out of hand. The relative difficulty of the party you’re trying to serve will affect the methods and techniques needed to properly serve the individual.

As a disclaimer, it is impossible to determine with 100% certainty how difficult a person may be to serve. However, there are a few reliable indicators to look for. First, run a quick public record search at the local municipal courts. If the party you are attempting to serve has a long history of defending lawsuits, or worse, dodging service, then you are likely facing difficult service. In this instance, you should hesitate hiring the first process server you come across in the phone book. Ask around and determine the best options for difficult service of process. Don’t be afraid to ask your server about techniques and strategies they’ll be employing. In fact, feel free call us in Tucson at (520) 882-2723 or in Phoenix at (602) 358-7759, we’d be glad to discuss strategies that might be effective for your case.

In the absence of a lengthy court history, consider the occupation of the person you’re trying to serve. Do they own a large business operation? Do they work in the legal industry? Former law enforcement? Do they own significant residential rental properties? All of these professions are likely to have dealt with the legal system, and by extension process servers in the past. Therefore, they are probably familiar with the techniques and modus operandi of typical process servers. If they are inclined to avoid service, they are likely well equipped to do so. In this case, again, you may want to avoid hiring the process server you find. Shop around and find an agency experienced with difficult service of process.

Do You Need A Non-Traditional Process Server? 

If you’re having difficulty serving a party, or you anticipate difficulty, consider obtaining the services of a server who doesn’t fit the traditional mold of the process server. Though process servers come in all shapes and sizes, the image most people associate with process servers is a middle-aged male (likely former law enforcement or military). The person you’re attempting service upon may also harbor these beliefs. Therefore, it may be prudent to hire a server who doesn’t fit the stereotype.

Our process servers come from a variety of different backgrounds and span many demographics. If you’re dealing with difficult service of process, give us a call and explore our options for non-traditional service.

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