Tucson Tenant Screening – When Trusting Your “Gut” Isn’t Enough

landlordOwning rental properties is an increasingly popular way for people to generate passive income. However, as many property owners will tell you, just how “passive” the income is depends upon the quality of the tenant.

Unlike large-scale rental operations, or properties under professional management, private rental properties require significant participation from the property owner. Therefore, it is imperative for the property owner to find responsible tenants, who will treat the property well and won’t rack up costly, time-draining repairs.

Of course, identifying responsible tenants is easier said than done. Few people advertise their past indiscretions to potential landlords. Even people who seem completely respectable can wind up being nightmare tenants – simply put, relying on your “gut” is not sufficient when selecting a tenant. With a bit of upfront expense, a landlord can have a clear picture of a tenant’s criminal and financial history.

Typically, past behavior is a solid predictor of a tenant’s future actions. For instance, a tenant with three recent evictions can reasonably be assumed to be a riskier tenant than an individual with no previous evictions. For as little as a few hundred dollars, landlords can obtain this valuable information from a private investigator.

Private investigators are able to easily identify many relevant predictors of a problem tenant, including:

  • prior evictions
  • bankruptcies
  • criminal history
  • address history

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