Why Attorneys Hire Private Investigators


Private Investigators Save Attorneys Time And Money

Often lawyers and even law firms do not have the staff or the expertise to handle investigative work, so many attorneys delegate some of their legwork to qualified professional investigators.  Private investigators are in the business of locating valuable, ethical, and appropriately obtained information in a cost-effective and efficient manner.  This saves the attorney from wasting time on fact finding instead of focusing on matters of the law.   Remember, finding someone skilled at “digging up dirt” at a reasonable price can make or break a case.   

The right investigator can help an attorney develop facts, secure evidence and perform countless other tasks that make an attorney’s life easier.  Private investigators today come from many areas of expertise these days, including the field of law, journalism, accounting, real estate and computer forensics. 

Private Investigators Make Attorneys Look Smart And More Effective 

More often than not these days, Private Investigators have higher levels of education and expertise.    Besides locating and interviewing witnesses, below are just a few tasks private investigators perform for attorneys on a daily basis which yield valuable information to their cases and make them “look smart.”   

  • Locate  Assets
  • Collect and Review Electronic Evidence
  • Perform Trial Preparation
  • Collect DNA
  • Do Intellectual Property Monitoring
  • Reconstruct Family Trees
  • Identify individuals in otherwise “faceless” corporations

Private Investigators Make Great Trial Witnesses

Suppose an attorney interviews a witness on a case, but when the witness takes the stand, he or she changes their story.  Who is going to impeach this witness with their prior inconsistent statements?   Private Investigators can!