Arizona Public Records Laws Changes? Not so fast.


As Tucson private investigators, our livelihood depends in large part on continued access to public records. Fortunately for private investigators and other professions that rely on this access, maintaining a transparent government is a founding principle of this nation. Finding an old court case, police report, department memo or any other …

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Tucson Tenant Screening – When Trusting Your “Gut” Isn’t Enough

Owning rental properties is an increasingly popular way for people to generate passive income. However, as many property owners will tell you, just how “passive” the income is depends upon the quality of the tenant. Unlike large-scale rental operations, or properties under professional management, private rental properties require significant participation …

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Corporate Intel – Mitigate Risk

At Inter-State Investigative Services, our agency evolves with the ever-changing needs of our clientele. We are constantly expanding our operations in order to keep pace with the increasing demand for cutting edge investigative services. Corporate intelligence is one such in-demand area. Whether it’s due to several high profile cases of …

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