Post Indictment Investigations

Post Indictment Investigations: Understanding the Process

When an individual is indicted by a grand jury or charged with a crime by a prosecutor, it marks the beginning of a complex legal process that can have serious consequences for the accused. Following an indictment or charge, law enforcement agencies, in many cases, conduct post indictment investigations to gather additional evidence and build a stronger case against the accused. But who works on behalf of the accused and stands up for their rights? Let’s take a closer look at post indictment investigations, their purpose, and the techniques used to conduct them.

The Purpose of Post Indictment Investigations

The primary purpose of post indictment investigations conducted by law enforcement, is to gather additional evidence to build a stronger case against the accused prior to trial. When an individual is indicted or charged with a crime, it means that a grand jury or prosecutor has already found sufficient evidence to believe that the person committed the crime; but did they really? Post-indictment investigations are necessary to gather additional evidence that can strengthen the case and ensure that the accused is convicted at trial.  While it is said that post-indictment investigations are also conducted by law enforcement to ensure that the accused is not wrongfully convicted of a crime they did not commit, is that really the case? Who is really on your side when you are faced with a situation that may be the start of a battle for your life? Inter-State Investigative Services (IIS) is here for YOU!

What YOU can expect from Inter-State Investigative Services

Post-indictment investigations can involve a wide range of techniques and methods, depending on the type of crime and the available evidence. Here are some common techniques used during post indictment investigations that you can expect IIS to do for you, as we would do for our own families.

Have non-biased views: It is important when you hire a private investigator that they have compassion and passion for helping you. At IIS, we help every one of our client’s with an open mind. We are understanding, and we assist without biases, like we would for our own families. 

Understand the facts: We take our time to understand each case intimately and more importantly we listen to YOU. Moreover, we take time to fully understand the investigation being conducted by law enforcement and analyze the evidence and materials generated by them, in an effort to unearth discrepancies or inconsistencies. In essence, we attempt to make certain that law enforcement is being impartial. 

Witness interviews: As investigators we conduct a wide range of interviews; witness, character, and fact witnesses, who have information related to each case. These interviews can help establish a timeline of events and identify key evidence that may be missed by police personnel. 

Electronic data analysis: In all cases electronic data may just be the key to proving someone’s innocence. Analyzing electronic data such as emails, chat logs, and social media posts to identify and gather evidence can be crucial to finding the truth. 

Timeline/ report preparation: In many cases, a timeline can identify the inconsistency with an investigation. We ask that our clients work with us to provide us with pertinent information that can help them; we enroll YOU in your own defense!  

We support and fight for YOU: We are the essential bridge between YOU and law enforcement and/or the Prosecutor handling the case. Anyone facing a tragic life changing event needs that support and compassion; we are there for YOU! 

Post-indictment investigations are an uphill battle and can take weeks, months, or even years to complete, depending on the complexity of the case and the amount of evidence involved. During this time however, you can count on Inter-States investigators to work tirelessly to gather as much evidence as possible to build a strong defense for YOU!

~ Anonymous Inter-State Investigator

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