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Accurately recreating a crime scene in a timely and efficient manner is a fundamental part of effective criminal defense. It’s a complicated job that requires the utmost professionalism and one that Inter-State Investigative Services has excelled at for years.

Our approach, in general, is to amass detailed knowledge of the events that surround the alleged commission of a crime by utilizing inductive and deductive reasoning, analysis of the physical evidence, state-of-the-industry investigative methods, and a big-picture grasp on how they all come together. We see the process of scene recreation as one that involves assessing the context of all of the physical evidence encountered upon a scene to explain what happened, and what order it occurred. At the same time, we weigh the significance of each piece of evidence independently in order to establish its relevance to the alleged crime.


We never assume we know exactly what happened upon our first encounter with the scene of a crime. Each scene is its own complicated puzzle, often with some of the pieces missing. With patience and professional know-how, we carefully start to ask and answer the critical questions that will entail the puzzle being accurately reassembled.

Without divulging our particular trade secrets, we can say that we approach our quest for determining the components of a crime scene by reconstructing the specific incident of the crime, all physical evidence, and the sequence of events along with the identities of anyone present. Because of the plethora of types and manners of crimes and their locations, the particulars are infinite. But our expertise in areas such as DNA gathering and analysis, accident reconstruction, blood trace analysis, firearm use, as well as working knowledge of chemistry, biology, physics, engineering, and criminal justice have helped earn us a reputation as Southern Arizona’s best crime scene investigators. We look at crime scene recreation as seeking to be forensic scientists in all disciplines. And when we encounter a unique situation where a renowned forensic expert can shed even more light on the scene recreation, we have working relationships with a good sampling of the industry’s best. We also work with the best laboratories that conduct specific scientific testing when required.


Inter-State Investigative Services prides itself on our open minds and strict attention to detail. We meticulously evaluate the context of every scene and the physical evidence found there in a determined effort to clearly identify what happened and in what order events played out. Applying a forensic science approach to all the evidence and how it’s all interrelated, we’re able to assist defense attorneys in establishing, in a manner that can be presented in court, what is the most likely way the crime occurred.

We are hunters and gatherers of evidence. We take a holistic approach, examining every piece of evidence that comes to light, and considering its significance in relation to all the other pieces. When pieces are missing, we utilize our twenty years of experience, vast tools, strong teamwork, and expertise to fill in the blanks and create the overall picture. Then, we consider how the prosecution will attempt to critically attack all of our premises and deductions in our reconstruction of the event. By painstakingly addressing every single angle and possible flaw in our recreation of the sequence to, and reconstruction of, the alleged crime, we are able to see and evaluate the entire picture with an open mind that bases all conclusions on facts, not conjecture or wishful thinking.

Typical evidence that we focus on to help form the reconstruction include: tangible evidence, eyewitness testimony, law enforcement reports, any recordings of the event (to include inadvertent video documentation), blood traces, and any other objects that can be analyzed for DNA or otherwise. Our approach to scene reconstruction reviews the connections between all evidence, the sequence of events, and the identity and backgrounds of anyone involved. By approaching scenes and events this way we have been able to establish ourselves as a trusted and reliable source for expert scene reconstruction and recreation for the Arizona criminal defense legal community.

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