The Ethics of Private Investigation


What Are The Ethics Of Private Investigation? 

It is not surprising that many people equate private investigators with spies, and they often associate the business with agencies such as the C.I.A.  There is a mystique about private investigation and it can be difficult to know how to go about hiring a quality private investigator in Tucson or Phoenix, or anywhere else in Arizona for that matter.  How do you know if the investigator is qualified for the job?  How do you know if they are the best fit for your needs?  How do you know if their investigative practices are ethical?  It is this last question that I would like to focus on briefly.

Someone once told me that “you don’t find swans swimming in the sewer,” and in this line of work, we often come into close contact with those who are less than reputable.  Similarly, a quality private investigator will have detailed knowledge of many practices which are unethical.  Unethical practices and knowledge of such practices allows a quality investigator to readily identify situations or circumstances that are out of place.  These relationships or the detailed workings of unethical practices do not give the investigator license to conduct themselves in that manner by any means.  Any investigator who uses such assets or methods will quickly find themselves out of work, or working less reputable cases outside of the legal or professional community.  

One way to determine if an investigator or investigative company is worth their salt is to check their status through the state licensing agency.  Most states, save Colorado and perhaps one or two others, require investigators to be license.  In Arizona private investigators are licensed through the Arizona Department of Public Safety, and the status of a license can be checked at the following link:

Similarly, some guidelines on choosing an investigator can be found at

At Inter-State Investigative Services, ethics are at the pinnacle of every investigation.  While we have great knowledge of unethical practices and how to execute them successfully, we also enjoy the reputation of running a tight ship and being the premier investigative agency in Arizona.  There is a big difference in having this type of knowledge, and conducting business using this type of knowledge.  When choosing a private investigator, choose wisely.  What they don’t tell you could utterly ruin your case and tarnish your reputation.