Non-Capital Mitigation is Working

Sylvia and Steve 006Are you looking for a more effective mitigation resource to help bring your cases to smarter, more efficient and equitable resolutions?  Who isn’t?! Well, that’s where the efficacy of mitigation, and our prowess with it, comes in.

Inter-state Investigative Services in, Arizona, Colorado and across the United States provide successful mitigation in criminal cases.

Our approach to mitigation helps persuade prosecutors, judges and juries that your client’s case merits special consideration. Mitigation evidence and factors are continuing to bring about mitigated sentences in the face of mandatory minimum sentencing guidelines.  Mitigation and investigation goes hand in hand.

You may know of our agency for our investigative expertise, but we want to make sure you know we have a lengthy, successful, case-proven mitigation record as well. We bring the same tenacity, thoroughness and professionalism to mitigating as we do to investigating.

The same infrastructure (eight licensed investigators, male and female, fluent in Spanish, licensed, bonded, insured, with many years of combined investigative and legal experience) is available to support any mitigation work you may have. No matter what kind of case you have, we will work it with the same level of excellence that has helped gain our agency its reputation for being the best private investigators in southern Arizona, bar none.

Please let us show you how we can help with any mitigation.  Our office is located in the heart of downtown Tucson, a short stroll from all of the courthouses.  Our agency has handled numerous mitigations cases to successful outcomes.  Your business will be a priority for us and we would love the chance to prove it.