Why Invest in a Professional Pre-Employment Background Investigation?

Businesses are only as good as their employees. For any successful business, reputation
and performance are extremely important. Even the smallest mistake in who you hire
can jeopardize your business’ financial future.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the average cost of a “bad hire” is up to 30%
of the employee’s first-year earnings. Additionally, a report published by CareerBuilder
states that almost three-quarters of companies who made a bad hire reported an
average of $14,900 in wasted money.

The loss of money stems from lost productivity, lost clients, bad reviews, recruiting
costs, and decreased morale. Additionally, hiring a person with an unknown criminal
history can lead to expensive legal issues, depending on the job position. Knowing a
candidate before hiring him/her can save a company thousands of dollars, and its

Of course, it is possible to conduct investigations independently. There are plenty of
websites that advertise free background checks and promise to provide current and
accurate information however, these companies buy third party information and the
resulting reports are often inaccurate and incomplete.

Private investigators use databases that are accessible only by state-licensed
investigators. The accreditation for this process includes a certificate of licensure from
their state’s licensing organization, documentation proving an active business license,
and an in-person site visit to evaluate security risks. Because of this, detailed
background investigations done by licensed private investigators can obtain information
and details that are not available via Google searches, online background checks, or
social media searches.

Done correctly before an important hire, a background investigation can effectively
protect a company’s assets and reputation from damage caused by hiring the wrong
person. A thorough investigation and a well written report can paint an accurate,
unbiased picture of the candidate. This, along with the company’s interview process,
can help ensure that the business owner chooses the very best people for his or her

At Inter-State Investigative Services, our pre-employment background investigations are
affordable, accurate, and unbiased. Why leave the future of your business to chance?
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