Why We Don’t Do TV

The Value Of Keeping A Low Profile When You Are A Private Investigator 

If you’ve ever caught one of those cable news programs that gives a blow-by-blow account of a lurid crime (and let’s face it, if you have eyes and television, you definitely have), you’ve probably been treated to the gruff visage of a P.I. straight out of central casting giving his two cents about the investigation. This phenomenon of the local P.I. being the go-to guy for a quick sound bite about a local crime has even trickled down to the local media.

It doesn’t matter how much you watch, there’s something you’ll never see on TV – us. We don’t do TV. There’s nothing inherently wrong with giving a hot take to a reporter, but we operate under the guiding principle of discretion.

Why is staying out of the news important to us? Not many people call the local P.I. during their best moments. We deal with the hardest moments an individual is (hopefully) ever going to face. Frankly, lots of our cases deal with subject matter that would embarrass a client or damage their reputation were it to leak. What does that mean for us? It means mum is the word.

In reality, P.I.s don’t go on TV and spill privileged client info. And there’s no ethical standard that would prevent an investigator from appearing on TV to talk about an unrelated case. But, the tendency to seek publicity seems entirely contrary to the spirit of discretion. A client should know their P.I. isn’t a loudmouth or publicity hound. Clients need to trust us with their secrets and we take that responsibility seriously.

The upshot of all this: if you need a private investigator in Tucson, Phoenix, or the surrounding areas in Arizona, call Inter-State. We’re P.I.s, we just don’t play one on TV.

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