What’s In A Name?

How Important Is The Reputation Of A Private Investigator?

Another way of putting it – what’s in a name? In a word, EVERYTHING.

In our industry, ethics, transparency and reliability are paramount. That’s why these traits act as our operational principles. We strive, as private investigators, to uphold our client’s trust, act efficiently, transparently and openly, and we strive to get results. That’s the foundation of our name, our reputation for providing investigative services in Arizona.

We know that hiring a private investigator can be uncomfortable. That’s why we treat our clients candidly and with respect. Our friendly staff ensures that our clientele is never uncomfortable when dealing with us.

We understand that people don’t typically need private investigators when everything is going perfectly well. That’s why we act with discretion and care. We help people with their darkest secrets and life’s biggest challenges. We relish the importance of our role.

Our reputation is unparalleled in Tucson, Phoenix, and the surrounding areas of Arizona. We’ve been in business for over 20 years due to our good name. Would a private investigator by any other name be able to say that? Probably not.

For our services, please contact Inter-State Investigative Services at,

Email: info@iisaz.com
Phoenix Office: 602.358.7759
Tucson Office: 520.882.2723

Fax: 520.882.2617
Toll Free: 800.729.0311