Workplace Fraud Investigations


The Challenges That Arizona Employers Face In Investigating Workplace Fraud 

Even though you may take great care in identifying, screening and hiring honest employees for your company, the reality of the workplace is that eventually, an issue with employee honesty or integrity will arise. These types of problems can take different forms – inventory shrink, sexual harassment, fraud, etc. – but can all be incredibly harmful to the financial health of a company. Though not necessarily an inevitability, the reality of hiring employees makes such a situation a probability for many businesses.

When an internal incident arises, a key question frequently comes up – Who should handle the investigation? Workplace fraud can be a tricky subject. Maybe the incident doesn’t merit involving law enforcement. In other cases, the facts of the wrongdoing may not yet be clear enough to justify roping in law enforcement. Maybe the issue is simply one of neutrality – should an impartial party be contracted to do the investigation.

For many companies, these dilemmas are solved by hiring a private investigator. A private investigator has several distinct advantages when conducting this type of workplace problem.

  • For one, the investigator (if you’ve hired a professional) approaches the situation with an impartial eye. This helps employers avoid an investigation that could potentially be muddled and skewed by workplace politics and small internal feuds that arise between employees. The ramifications of these investigations can be very serious – they can lead to an employee being fired or criminally charged. Do you really want a small workplace spat to influence that decision?
  • Secondly, an experienced investigator can open lines of communications with employees who may have important knowledge of the situation or access to evidence. Many employees will be understandably reticent to provide their employer with information about potential fraud for fear of retaliation or firing. An investigator can offer anonymity in exchange for information, or can broker an arrangement with the employee that allows information to be shared freely without the fear of termination.
  • Finally, private investigators are experienced in collecting evidence in keeping with procedures of the court. This will allow an employer, should the worker conduct arise to such a level, to present law enforcement with evidence necessary to make an arrest or provide the evidentiary basis of a civil suit should litigation arise.

No employer wants to be suspicious or mistrustful of their employees. But, should the need arise, know that Inter-State Investigative Services has helped many Tucson employers navigate the often tricky matter of employee misconduct.

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