High Quality Surveillance

The Importance Of High Quality Surveillance For Private Investigators

We pride ourselves on the quality of our work. No matter how big or how small the case may be, we always put the same care and attention into our investigation. Though all of our work is high-quality, we are especially proud of the surveillance we perform.

Surveillance as a concept is simple enough – place yourself in a discrete location and observe a person, an activity or a location and, preferably, capture the subject on film. Where surveillance can get tricky is the execution. Frequently, investigators can be inefficient with their surveillance (often, by going at times not likely to yield a solid result and therefore having to return again and again). Or, a less experienced investigator may “strike out” and fail to capture the subject in a photograph or video.

We employ experienced investigators, some of whom specialize in surveillance. Because we have investigators dedicated to surveillance, we find that they are able to perform the work more efficiently and at a high level of quality. We believe that our surveillance investigators have a much lower “strike out rate” than most investigators.

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