In-Depth Background Investigations


Every civil background investigation is unique. Accordingly, at Inter-State Investigative Services, we customize our approach to each individual client and their specific needs. While many background investigations include common threads, we recognize that every case requires customized research at some level. And, so, that’s how we approach each and every case. A spectrum of circumstances may dictate the depth and detail of a background investigation, and we constantly keep those circumstances squarely in mind throughout the course of the investigation.

While we are Arizona’s most thorough, efficient, and discreet private investigators, our in-depth background investigations are not limited to the geographical confines of Arizona. Wherever your background investigation may lead, we will pursue it and tackle it accordingly.


We have an incredibly wide array of tools to assist in our investigations. These tools help us get our clients the information they need in the most efficient manner possible so the client can better understand the situation at hand, the case as a whole, and thusly make informed decisions. Clients are involved in, and help guide, the overall planning, direction, and depth of the investigation. It’s your case; we’re here to provide the most effective investigative strategies, methods, and techniques available anywhere.

Through open, direct communication, we maintain a clear understanding of every client’s individual needs and overall goals. In vigorously pursuing these, we operate with transparency and candor. The result: our clients never feel lost or out of control with the investigation being performed on their behalf, and therefore have full confidence that the investigation is entirely ethical and the product is completely accurate.


Our background investigations expand far beyond criminal and civil court records research (though we excel at these), to include police contacts, social media capture and preservation, asset verification, character interviews, and much more. During our twenty years of providing the most effective private investigations in Arizona, we have found that the harder we work for our clients, the deeper we dig into their background cases, the more likely they will be extremely satisfied with the results. And that, in turn, is deeply satisfying to us.

To start your background investigation, submit a request now, or call IISAZ now at (520) 882-2723 or (602) 358-7759.