Social Media Investigations

Social Media Photo

Social media, webmail, website data and Youtube video have been very common sources of information and evidence in criminal and civil litigation. Even wise prospective employers review a potential new employee’s social media postings as a routine course of a pre-employment background investigation.

Keeping up with the fast paced changes in Social Media is a full time job and a serious challenge.  New forms of social media are cropping up yearly if not monthly.  Even more challenging is the searching, formatting and preservation of critical metadata. 

At Inter-State Investigative Services, we understand what happens in an internet minute, and our staff is trained to effectively address social media content from the leading network sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin.  In addition, Inter-State Investigative Services can search and capture content from websites, webmail and YouTube.  

Investigation of social media content provides a huge opportunity in the legal industry in terms of locating witnesses and obtaining statements, photographs and videos.   The importance is to be able to “grab” social media content quickly and capture it in its native format, one that cannot be altered or deleted, so that the information can potentially be used in the courtroom, cannot be understated.  

Imagine the advantage one would have in presenting information captured from the internet, whose authenticity is irrefutable.  At Inter-State Investigative Services, we realize the capturing of meta-data is essential in establishing chain of custody which allows social media to be entered into evidence. 

Further, imagine the potential witness leads and witness contacts that can developed through social media.

Don’t get left behind in this increasingly fast paced world, and don’t let critical information escape you simply because you don’t possess the means to find or capture it.  You may have heard that anything posted on the internet is there forever.  Let us help you find it whether you are in Arizona or New York. 

If you are in need of an asset investigation/verification, submit a request now or call IISAZ at (520) 882-2723 or (602) 358-7759. We look forward to providing you with the extra effort that thorough professional asset verifications require.