Tucson Pre-Employment Background Checks: The Role of Social Media

socialMediaInvestigations-612x300Few things are as a costly to a business as making a bad hire. Whether it’s the cost of training, lost productivity, or the time investment associated with the hiring process, employee turnover can be a significant revenue drain. Fortunately, a pre-employment background check can keep businesses from hiring problematic employees, ultimately saving time and money for employers.

At Inter-State Investigative Services, we provide pre-employment background checks in Tucson, Phoenix, and nationwide. Our investigations give employers the information they need in order to make objective and informed hiring decisions, including employment history, criminal history, reference checks, and civil court records.

However, our employee background checks don’t stop there. In our hyper-connected world, one of the richest sources of information about a potential new employee is their social media presence. We pride ourselves on our ability to find, analyze, and interpret every aspect of a person’s digital footprint.

Using Social Media in Pre-Employment Background Checks

Due to the advent of social media, people are growing increasingly comfortable with sharing more about their personal lives than ever before. Rarely does a moment pass without being recorded and documented on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or a variety of other social platforms. Information once considered private is now shared instantly with millions of other users without a second thought.

The end result of social media’s surging popularity is that more information about a person is available than ever before. However, this goldmine of information is useless to employers unless they know how to access, find, and interpret the information in a meaningful way. For employers, this could mean the difference between making a great hire and making a costly mistake.

At Inter-State Investigative Services, we understand that social media does not end with Facebook and LinkedIn. We stay ahead of social media trends and understand the newest and most cutting-edge social platforms in order to provide employers with the most relevant information available.

A Holistic, Comprehensive View of Potential New Employees

Viewed individually, any given social media post may not reveal a significant amount of information about a potential employee. That’s why we take a holistic view of a potential new hire’s social media presence. When viewed in conjunction, single posts across a variety of social media platforms may begin to reveal larger patterns of behavior and character that may interest employers.

By failing to take into account the spectrum of a potential employee’s social media presence, an employer may miss vital information relevant to the hiring process. To provide our clients with the most comprehensive information possible, we analyze and interpret our findings, and produce a succinct-yet-thorough report containing all the information an employer needs.

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 At Inter-State Investigative Services, we thrive on providing our clients with the information they need to make the best hiring decision possible. Our thorough and comprehensive employee background investigations may be able to help you hire the best employees and avoid costly turnover.

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