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Inter-State Investigative Services is a private investigation firm based in Arizona with offices in Phoenix and Tucson. We offer a comprehensive array of services spanning a diverse spectrum of disciplines, including insurance investigations, criminal defense, civil defense, domestic investigations, pre-employment background screenings, and more.

Though many of our clients are attorneys and insurance companies, we also frequently work for private citizens. We treat all cases with the same attention to detail and respect. We are professional, discrete and courteous, so If you have a problem that may require an investigator, contact us now and see how we can help!

What to Expect

1. Set up a Free Consultation with Inter-State

During our consultation, we’ll chat about how we plan to handle your situation and what services we’ll provide. If you’re on board, we’ll start your case and assign it to the investigator or team best suited for your needs.”

2. Establish a Budget for Your Investigation

Throughout your consultation, our team of investigators will evaluate your requirements, outline the investigative steps necessary to achieve your objectives, and establish a financial plan for your case. Once the budget is set, you’ll be asked to sign a client agreement and provide an initial payment to retain our services

3. Opening a Case and Beginning the Investigation

While we conduct the investigation, our team of private investigators assigned to your case will ensure you stay informed about their progress. They may also reach out to you periodically to gather any additional information needed

4. Final Case Report

When we wrap up the investigation, your designated investigator will offer you a choice. You can either have a meeting, whether by phone or in person, to go over the investigative results, or you can opt for a written report that summarizes all the findings from the investigation.


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Surveillance Misconceptions

The amount of evidence required to prevail in court is often the biggest surprise to clients. 

In some cases, this can be even more true than others. In child custody cases, for example, it’s not enough to catch your ex-wife or husband in a single act of bad parenting. Rather, you need to establish a pattern of behaviors to convince the Court.

Painting this kind of picture can require much more surveillance than most people think. In fact, surveillance is largely a waiting game and it can take several attempts just to make one successful observation.

What is your role as a client?

Your role is to share as much information as possible with your investigative team. The more information you can share, the better. It makes the investigation more efficient and saves you money. 

Additionally, you should be as proactive as possible, although always in consultation with your investigative team, and your attorney if you have one. Certain types of information will be more readily accessible to you than it will be even to the most seasoned, professional private investigator. Family medical and financial records, for example, may be easier and faster for you to obtain than for a third party like a PI. 

We’ll discuss these issues in detail during your free consultation and help you come up with a list of ways that you can help in your investigation.

Can you find my long-lost friend or family member?

Probably, yes. 

However, the more pertinent question here, for many clients, is: what can we do with the information? 

If we are working with an attorney in preparation for litigation, then we can disclose certain information to the attorney in order to facilitate litigation. However, in private cases that are not connected to litigation privacy laws and ethical guidelines prevent us from finding a person and telling you their location. It may come as a surprise from a private investigative agency, but avoiding the invasion of other people’s privacy is a big concern for us, and we are proud to be a highly ethical agency. 

Nevertheless, we are always happy to find a person and then initiate contact on your behalf. In other words, with your permission, we can give someone the means to contact you.  

More often than not, acting as an intermediary and facilitating contact results in a successful connection between the client and the subject of the investigation.

What Services do Professional Investigators Provide?

➜  Cases don’t always fit neatly into a single category. If you’re not sure what kind of case you have, call for a free consultation and we will discuss it with you.

Cases don’t always fit neatly into a single category. If you’re not sure what kind of case you have, call for a free consultation and we will discuss it with you.


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